In 1984, Mike Yates opened the doors to his very own dealership. From the moment he started this venture into the automotive industry, Mike knew he wanted to set his business apart from the rest. He decided to create a dealership that not only offered exceptional prices and quality vehicles, but one that also delivered his vision of providing trustworthy service.


The dealership did not start out with what you see on display today with a variety of cars, trucks and SUVs. Mike started out by founding a truck dealership in Avondale called GMC Truck Country, which was designed to cater to agricultural clients. Over time, the business evolved and more vehicles were added to the inventory. Today, Yates Buick GMC in Goodyear offers an incredible lineup of Buicks, and what Mike considered the best truck products in the world – GMC.

In 2020, Yates Buick GMC was considered for the prestigious Torch Award. The Better Business Bureau only selects businesses for this honor who have exemplary standards of service and ethical business practices. This is just one example of the respect and admiration the dealership has built over the last three decades.

2020, Yates Buick GMC

Though the dealership saw location changes, a few name changes, and lost the Pontiac franchise, Mike was always steadfast in his commitment to serving the customer above all else. Sadly, Mike passed away in March of 2021, but his passion for treating others with respect and dignity continues to live on through the work being done by the Yates Buick GMC staff.

Mike was proud to continue this legacy of exceptional service by handing down daily operations to his children, Tyler and Whitney. Being a family-owned and operated business is something the entire Yates team takes very seriously, and are proud to carry on Mike’s vision for the future of the business.

Today, Yates Buick GMC is one of the premier automotive dealerships in the country, serving the greater Phoenix metropolitan area in a way few can boast. Even with the large inventory and world-class sales and service team, they are still small enough to provide personalized care to each customer they serve.

This drive to provide incredible service has also allowed our team at Yates Buick GMC to do some things that are considered revolutionary for dealerships. We decided several years ago to implement a one price model, meaning no more haggling or price guessing. This approach has made pricing and advertising as simple as possible for customers. It is just one of the many ways we have been a leader in the automotive industry, while staying focused on creating the best purchase and ownership experience the buyer has ever had.

Yates Buick GMC

From finding new, creative ways to help the customer, to sticking with the original goal of putting customers first, the Yates Buick GMC team is dedicated to treating everyone fairly. Everyone who walks in is treated as a part of the continuously growing family. We stand by our commitment to making your car or truck buying experience the best it can be. No tricks, no double talking; just a good deal and a great vehicle.

As Mike always said, “Your trust is precious. I promise we will always respect that.”

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