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CTCA Exclusive Sales Offerings

  1. CTCA stakeholders and their family will be able to purchase any new Buick or GMC using the GM Supplier Discount price minus all applicable manufacturer rebates - GM Supplier Discount pricing is below the manufacturer to dealer invoice price. 
  2. CTCA Stakeholders and family will be able to purchase any used car at a value that is half way between the retail book and wholesale book value of any given vehicle. 
  3. Yates Buick GMC will also donate $100.00 to the CTCA for each vehicle sold to a stakeholder (new and used).

CTCA Exclusive Service Offerings

CTCA stakeholders and their family will receive a full-service maintenance experience:
  1. Pick up and delivery of vehicles to the CTCA, a necessary parking facility or a stakeholder's home. 
  2. If needed, a dedicated Yates? staff member will be available to coordinate communication between the CTCA stakeholder, spouse, service department and/or rental car company. 
  3. CTCA Stakeholders will find shuttle transportation service, in addition to free vehicle pick up and delivery. 
  4. A dedicated Yates? staff member will be available via phone, text, mobile app or email to be responsive on vehicle status updates and all other service related needs.

Yates Buick GMC has the ability to perform the below services on any make and model

  1.  Standard Maintenance 
  2. Oil & Filter Change 
  3. Alignment 
  4. Brake Service/Inspection 
  5. Engine Air Filter Replacement 
  6. Check Engine Light Inspection 
  7. Battery Inspection/Replacement 
  8. Vibration/Noise Inspection 
  9. Transmission Repair/Replacement 
  10. Tire Rotation/Replacement 
  11. Manufacturer Recalls 
  12. Full Vehicle Detail 
  13. Express Vehicle Detail 
  14. Vehicle Towing 
  15. Vehicle Diagnostic Inspection 
  16. Air Conditioning Repair 
  17. Fuel Injection Inspection/Repair 
  18. Ignition System Inspection/Repair 
  19. Spark Plug Replacement 
  20. Power Steering Flush 
  21. Brake Flush 
  22. Coolant Flush 
  23. Differential Service


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